Senior Night Tonight for Weston HS Boys Lacrosse – May 23

OMG, love this graphic. I see Weston Track needs to level up. Pole vaulters and javelin, please contact me


And here we are, folks, at that bittersweet evening called Senior Night, this time for Weston Boys Lacrosse. While no owlets play the sport, I cannot help but love (to razz) it because frankly I never have a clue what is going on in the game. And yes, I have attended quite a few, in fact more than I like to admit because really I should have caught on by now. But enough about me and my problems…

Tonight at 6:45 pm there will be a ceremony for the amazing seniors, followed by the Blue Angels flyover (not actually true–yes, someone will believe me), followed by a battle between the ‘cats and the Newton South Lions. Pretty good mascot, those lions, except I sort of feel there is a gender identity on that large kitty with a mane. Let’s be more inclusive shall we?

We shall not be inclusive as the ‘cats seek to tromp said kitties and light up the night with their awesome shots on goal at Weston High School’s Proctor Field. In the Weston goal, you will find the Owl-highlighted senior Jake Shulkin and you just have to appreciate any kid in any sport who chooses to stand in a place where people can legally and frequently shoot high-powered missiles at you (hat tip to soccer and hockey and field hockey too). Jake and brother Cole (class of 2025, go ‘cats!) will be taking the field together for one of the last times and that just makes me all weepy (don’t even think about how their actual mom is going to be feeling). By the way, seniors, the Owl would like to write some more profiles–send me a note if you are interested! (

Seniors to be honored at 6:45 pm:

Jake Shulkin, #23, goalie

Judson Norris, #18, defense

Matthew Korbin, #21, defense

Mack McManus, #4, midfield

Hamish Bremner, #33, attack


This is the first group of seniors to win the Dual County League small regular season title in every high school season. They clinched the league division title with last week’s 11-4 win over rival Wayland (Warriors, we’ve covered their mascot issues).

No pressure at all, Westonians, but it’s a gorgeous evening and we really could try to challenge some of our neighboring towns (Wayland and Westwood being the peppiest I know) for the best community support of local events. Listen, it’s less expensive than Taylor Swift, you don’t have to listen to everyone’s bad cell phone recordings on Facebook afterwards (meu deus) AND there is nothing like having huge hometown support on your senior night. The kids remember it–they do!

Note that you have two other chances for senior night support this week–a hat trick perhaps? – with volleyball tomorrow and Girls Lacrosse on Thursday (someone please send me the info!!)

Go ‘cats!

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