The Current, WHS Literary Magazine, Launches 2022-23 Edition

The Current cover image: Credit Sophia Li


This morning the Owl opened up The Current, the digital literary magazine for Weston High School meaning to read just a few of the works and delight in just a few of the images and art. And then spent an hour reading and ruminating and re-reading. In typical Owl style, I looked to find a favorite which turned out to be impossible. I read first the works of the students I know personally, then went back and read them all. Twice. And will read them again. I admit that at least two made me cry, and ladybugs and snow peas have different meanings for me now. And the Group Discussion piece–well, it made me bleed (metaphorically) because I was that kid, that shy one, that one who dreaded a group discussion.

Take some time to read the poetry, the narratives, and dive into the art. What an incredibly talented group of students–and when I say talented, I mean “accomplished” because we all know that truly great writing is not done by Chat GPT, and truly great art is not made by Art GPT. These are students (with the guidance of their two faculty advisors) who have worked hard to create their own works, edit submitted works, and create this wonderful literary magazine. Highly recommend.

The Current 2022-23 is available here, and their website is here.

Enjoy and go ‘cats!

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