Did You Know? WHS Marching Band

WHS Marching Band practicing at HS track. Screen grab from video


Weston Media Center senior intern, Yash Agarwal, has produced a wonderful video about the Weston High School Marching band and Memorial Day. While I started watching the video thinking it was “just” about the parade, it is so much more–a short interview with Music Director Chris Memoli, words from drum major and rising senior Divya Rajan, as well as watching the band practice all around the high school track and between the middle school and high school campuses. Watch for a cameo moment for MS Principal John Gibbons in an NPC role (nonplayer character in case you have no idea what I’m talking about).

I had no idea so many track kids were also in marching band. Shoutout to those students who definitely know how to stay in the lines at Proctor.

It’s a fantastic video and will take less than six minutes of your time this morning. Congratulations to Yash on his graduation from WHS today and wishing him all the best for continued success at Emory University!

Go ‘cats!

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