Weston School Committee Tonight June 5: Things to Know


Tonight, Monday June 5, at 6:30 pm is the second-to-last School Committee meeting of the 2022-2023 School Year. It is super hard to believe, no? Well, it is easier to believe around the Owl burrow because there are two “rising juniors” as they like to now be called who have major senioritis during exam week. Yes, I know, no one cares.

So, the meeting will be held online and in person at Case House. If you are really interested in stuff being discussed, I suggest you flap on over to Case House as the online version is not nearly as good as front and center. With luck and some backup drivers, the Owl will be there because there are several items of interest. Want to know which ones? Of course you do.

  1. Superintendent’s comments. I can only hope that we get a short replay of what happened on graduation day–the decision making that ended up in the marvelous outdoor graduation on Town Green. I hope that Ben Polimer and the grounds crew get thanked publicly as well as the school administrative staff who kicked ass at alphabetizing chairs. That was one of my favorite “it takes a village” days ever and I don’t even have a senior (see above). Or rather a new alum. Go ‘cats.
  2. Public comments. I hope that we open a placeholder for a discussion about future graduation days being a half day for all public schools–giving us more flexibility on time-setting for the ceremony. That allows kids to be there at whatever time, ditto faculty. Let’s trade it for the June half-day. Oh, fine, this is not on the school committee agenda but the Owl is hopeful this can get on the radar.
  3. Preliminary class sectioning. Stay on top of this one, parents of littles. Signed, a parent of a bubble class that needed 9 sections in fourth grade but got only 8. Just saying.
  4. Discussion on “potential user fees for transportation and parking.” This is an informational presentation only but let me just go on record as being against charging for school bus use, and for student parking. Signed, a household that is the farthest away from the high school at 5.7 miles. Also signed by most of the north side for which getting to school gets harder and harder and harder. Intersection of Doom. Intersection of Crazy (Highland). Intersection of stopped traffic forever (Wellesley Street south at Route 30). Buses are a public school good. Also, I have never heard of charging for parking at a public school so I am looking forward to this discussion.

Okay, well, there’s some other good stuff in there like a new cooking club. Approved. Wait, maybe I’d better test it first. Oh, and I’m not on School Committee.

Enjoy the week, the last of finals for the WHS, MCAS Physics for some, and just another week for others.

Go ‘cats!

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