Self-Guided Painting: Wednesday Evenings at the AIC

Self-guided painting at the Owl house, Thanksgiving 2018


Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 7, from 6-8 pm, painters of all levels are invited to join in Self-Guided Painting, a summer painting series with the Art & Innovation Center (AIC). In case the title is not clear enough, there is no instruction provided during this series, and participants bring their own materials.

So, the Owl absolutely LOVES this idea. I would call it the Paint Club, and the price of your membership for the whole summer is $50. You get to paint what you want, how you want, and with what you want (all types of paint except maybe spray paint are welcome). The joy of painting together? If you want advice from a fellow painter, ask away. If you’re happy with your vermillion dog, keep at it.

As you may know, because I’ve told you, the Owl’s dad, hereafter Papi Owl, took up acrylic painting when he retired. One of our favorite family things to do is to choose a famous painting to copy (usually Matisse or Cezanne) and my dad outlines the general form and during a family gathering such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, everyone does a little of the painting, filling in trees or houses or whatever catches their eye. Then after we make a muck of everything, my dad comes back and “fixes” it. I own many a “Matisse” and “Cezanne” and each one makes me smile. Puddling about with acrylics was one of the things that saved me during the pandemic.


Come once, come every week, the price is the same. I sort of wish they had put the time as 5-7 pm given that Music on the Green starts at 7 pm for many weeks of the summer but it is what it is. Paint fast for an hour and then head out to the green. Maybe bring your easel and listen to the music and see how that turns out.

Standing and tabletop easels will be available.

The Weston Art & Innovation Center is located at 356 Boston Post Road.

Dates: Wed, June 7 – Wed, August 30 (6 pm-8 pm). Sign up here.

Cost: $50

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