Season 6 of WPL’s Meet Your Neighbors Is In Full Swing


Season 6 of Meet Your Neighbors is in full swing on Thursday nights at the Weston Public Library. This is an event where you will not get shushed for getting a little (library-level) crazy.

Come on down to the best library on the planet and meet some of your neighbors. Perhaps your kids have “aged out” of Weston Public Schools and you no longer get to hang out in uncomfortable chairs and bleachers at the sidelines, the best source of gossip in this town. Perhaps you’ve never been in the library or to a social hour (stranger things have happened though not many). Perhaps you are new to town and haven’t found your people yet. Here’s a place to relax, enjoy a nice conversation and meet your neighbors. And on the super bright side, if you are a massive introvert and get overwhelmed, you can just fade into the stacks and find yourself a new book. No one will judge you, even on your book choice.

The Weston Public Library is located at 87 School Street.

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  • Isabella Podgorski Jancourtz

    I’ve met so many wonderful neighbors at these gatherings, like Maya Reisz from Newton who has been helping me get 48 years worth of personal papers organized, including many unfinished writing projects. Librarian Susan Gula joins us every time and keeps us going with great ideas to discuss, and even brings delicious deserts. John McKenzie, WHS Class of 1962, who knows everything there is to know about Weston, and hasn’t missed a Thanksgiving football game since 1960, is almost always there and is a real treat. I’ll be there again tonight and look forward to meeting some more neighbors, thanks to the Owl!

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