Leave the Leaves: Zoom with Lincoln Land Conservation Trust Sept 21

And since we have noted that the chrysanthemums have moved into town, we must be at T-minus-two-weeks before the local landscaping companies drive me absolutely batty. The noise, noise, noise … I sort of feel like a Green Grinch as I misquote Dr. Seuss here: “And then all the noise. All the noise, noise, noise, NOISE! They’ll bang on tong-tinglers, blow their foo-flounders, they’ll crash on jang-jinglers, and bounce on boing-bounders!” It’s the blowing of the floo-flounders that makes me singularly crazy. I might have posted about this last year…and the year before …and is anyone listening? Or have your eardrums been blown off?

It’s not just the noise, Weston. You are blowing away caterpillars and queen bees nesting for the winter. You can learn more about ecology and environment and yes, bugs! at this site: https://www.leaveleavesalone.org/.

Also, can I just share the joy of leaves with these photos of much younger Owlets in a leaf launch?

So much fun. Yes, that is also Haifa, the wonder rescue labrador, in the foreground. Leaves are wicked fun.

Please check out this upcoming program with Lincoln Land Conservation Trust, my second favorite land conservation organization:


As our minds turn to fall and the leaves begin to gather on the ground, LEAVE THEM THERE! To find out why, sign up below for 


A Zoom Introduction & Conversation on Soil & Climate Benefits 

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21st at 8:00 pm

REGISTER HERE: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZModeGhpzktHd10GJPZ2UdTo-r3NmKOUmRD

This fall, it couldn’t be easier to support pollinators, provide overwinter shelter for amphibians, nurture the soil, improve water retention, and draw down carbon. Just leave the leaves!

Join us on the first day of fall for a virtual talk by Lincoln soil microbial ecologist Dr.Rachel Neurath to learn about the benefits of leaving the leaves

And save the date for the Lincoln Garden Club’s public meeting on November 7th. Kathy Connolly will give a presentation entitled: “Leave the Leaves, Save the Stems“. Organized by Lincoln Common Ground and the Lincoln Land Conservation Trust in collaboration with the Lincoln Garden Club and Codman Community Farms.

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