Did You Know? Concord Road Apple Orchard


It’s getting to be that time of year when thoughts go to apple pies, apple cider and flannel. Did I mention that I love flannel? Yes, yes I did. I also love apples. For the last four weeks, I have watched and tasted and patrolled the Concord Road apple orchard (just to the west of Merriam Street on Concord Road) for apple readiness. And this I will tell you: the apple picking is absolutely right now in Weston. It is actually past Owl-picking time as I prefer the apples when they are way tangy but apparently most people don’t like to squinch up their faces when biting into a nice sour apple.

Here’s the story. The Concord Road apple orchard lies on Conservation land. The trees are lovingly cared for by Conservation staff, Conservation and WFTA volunteers and also a tree company called Hartney Graymont. The trees are not sprayed so you will find that the apples are misshapen, some have marks and dents, and all of them are absolutely healthy. A week ago I met a bicyclist resting under a tree and said, “you should reach up and eat one” and he said “they look terrible so no” and I said (to myself) “yay, more for me.” If you want the looks of a store-bought apple, off you go to Big Ag. If you want one of the best apples you’ve had (okay, a bit sour for some), Concord Road is for you.

It’s a great year for apples though Katie Puppy just does not care.

Now, please take your own bag, and please don’t take too many so everyone can have a taste of a Weston apple. Please do not climb the trees–they are delicate. There are two apple-picking poles for your use. Please clean up after your dog if they come along. Nothing worse than the smell of poop mixed in with the apple tree aroma. Parking is either in the two turnouts on Concord, or you may have to go waaaaaaaay over to the Burchard Athletic Complex, park and walk around College Pond. You will not suffer.

Send me a photo of your pie! Or feel free to drop it off.

Enjoy, Weston, and remember how lucky you are every single day.

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