Weston Voices: Carol Ott Offers Tutoring and Strategies

Carol Ott with two former students

Several years ago I posted on Weston Facebook Community about something an Owlet was suffering in middle school or maybe even high elementary that I classified as Defcon 2 to him. A comment from a High School parent quickly arrived saying “ha, you think that’s tough? Wait until high school.” I believe that I digitally uttered some kind of scoff and said flippantly “well, we’ll figure that out.” Also, I would like to apologize to all military veterans for my misuse of Defcon terminology.

Anyway, here we are figuring it out. And if you are figuring it out like we are, you may want to invest in some extra support for your kid. In our case, I have been impressed with the junior year workload and stress which have grown exponentially over sophomore year. I’m also talking about the upcoming standardized tests, the preparation and organization, and the putting their clothes on inside right. You would be surprised, people.

In any case, for those of you looking for help for your student, Carol Ott, who is a retired teacher from Weston public schools, teaches and tutors students in a number of subjects. Carol taught English in the Weston schools for 32 years and since retirement has tutored students from 4th grade through college and recently, a young man working on his law school applications.

“My focus is on writing: working from brainstorming through outlining, editing, and preparing the final draft. While I specialize in imparting skills: critical reading, grammar, organization, comprehension, etc.  I take particular satisfaction in helping students to articulate their own voices and to believe in themselves as competent learners,” said Carol.

“I have worked with students in developing strategies for the ISEE, SAT, and ACT as well as preparing history assignments, the five-paragraph essay, and lab reports.  My work with juniors and seniors on that all-important and often daunting essay for the Common Application is another important focus.”

Carol clearly loves teaching and believes that the relationship between teacher and learner is vital. She is available to work with your child at her home, at the Library, at the student’s home or on zoom.

You can reach Carol at carott@comcast.net.


Please note that no services were provided to the Owl or the Owlets in return for this post. The Owl simply loves a Weston small business.

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  • Carol Ott is the most amazing g person to have on your kids team when applying to college. She worked magic with all three of my girls AND they loved her!

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