Did You Know? Support Weston Media Center

Who misses the good ol’ days of the Wes-TEN? Me.

So, here’s the news, Weston. We are incredibly fortunate to have in this town a local public access station, the Weston Media Center (WMC). Not only does it cover our local committee meetings (including School Committee and CPC tonight) but also school events like principal’s coffees and information sessions, and also musical performances from elementary to high school. They’ve also covered student presentations (an Owlet pollinator presentation at the library), garden club guides to pruning or spring gardening, cooking shows, the Wes-TEN and police information videos about the recent spate of break-ins. They’re doing it as a non-profit–and they need our help.

Did you know that WMC gets no federal, state or local Weston government financial support? It’s true–watch this video by WMC Director Nathan Suher that explains that their chief source of funding is cable access fees. And yet many of us, including the Owl Burrow, have cut cable to go with other sources like Roku, Fubo, YouTube, etc. Now the fate of the Weston Media Center is in the hands of all of us.

If you have looked at recordings of any of the events or committee meetings I have mentioned above, and found value in having them, please donate. Your gift in any amount will ensure that WMC can continue to thrive as a community asset bringing you the best local educational, informative, and entertaining content possible. If you value an objective public access station, donate. The WMC is often mentioned as being a great place to start a local newspaper–and yet, we all know there is no money in that either. Time to step up, Weston.

You can donate here. Do it.

Go ‘cats!


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