Wayland-Weston Crew Ergathon Fundraiser – Saturday September 23

WWRA in the water without broken skegs or ejector crabs. Courtesy photo.

Okay, Weston, it’s time to support the maroon and orange. Umm, what? Talk about two colors that really should not hang around together–well, what can you do? Wayland and Weston have a combined high school rowing team (Wayland-Weston Rowing Association or WWRA or WW Crew) and it’s incredibly awesome and not at all school-funded. That means they count on donations to be awesome and that’s where you come in.

Every fall, WWRA athletes run a fundraiser called the Ergathon, where athletes row about 7,000 meters on rowing machines and race other teams! The teams are clearly based on actual international rowing associations given the names are: Flip Test, Open Skeg, Food Tent, Ejector Crab, Rowbotron and Where’s Cooper. Clearly you need to be a rower to understand many of these terms like the Ejector Crab, but we can all empathize with the Food Tent, no? Also the master team is called Team Twinkie and that just makes me inhale my afternoon Earl Grey tea. I think that’s legal.

This is the Ejector Crab team photo. If you know you know.

You are invited to support this small but mighty intertown team. If maroon and orange can get along, you can drop in a donation as small as $10. Every dollar is used to help keep the boats in championship-winning shape.

The Ergathon is Saturday, September 23rd – 8 a.m. to 12 noon  – Boathouse on Lake Cochituate  – 25 Parkland Drive in Wayland

The ergathon is a key fundraiser built around a competitive team event. 

It’s a fund-raiser – Each athlete will be responsible for raising a significant dollar amount to help the program buy boats and equipment. 

It’s a competition – involving all the athletes of the program, placed into six teams. 

It’s a challenging workout – on ergometers for the athletes – most athletes will race about 25 minutes in various bursts. 

It’s a team-building experience – that demands strategy and real-time teamwork. 

It’s a spectator opportunity – a rare chance to see the athletes up close. 

It’s a fun and social event – for all competitors and spectators. 

And it all takes place under the trees in the grass near the boathouse. Delicious pancakes will be available. 

How to donate

There are several ways to make a donation: 

  • Online:  Credit Card or PayPal: Click the Magic Donation Button. (When you make your donation, be sure to note the team name in the pull-down menu.)  
  • Check: Make a check out to Wayland-Weston Rowing Association with a team name (or athlete name) in the memo. 
  • Cash: In person at the Ergathon on September 23rd. 

Donate any amount that makes you smile. 

You can donate on this page–pick a team. https://www.wwcrew.org/support/ergathon

Go Warrior Cats!

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