Join the Girl Scouts – September 24

Photo credit: Girl Scouts of America

It is true that the Owl is a Girl Scout dropout–making it through Brownies but stopping short of major patch bling at the high levels. There is probably only one reason for it and has to do with the generation or the troop to which I belonged. We never did cool stuff like my brother was doing in Boy Scouts. Sewing badge. Seriously? My brother was building bonfires (mostly authorized) and hunting bugs. Sigh.

Well, the Girl Scouts have come a long way from my experiences and is an organization filled with super cool activities led by amazing troop leaders. Weston has one of the strongest Scout organizations and if you’d like to check it out, come on down to the Weston Scout House for STEM & S’Mores Open House on Sunday, September 24, from 4-5:30pm. The Weston Scout House is located at 86 School Street (across from library, where you can park if the scout house lot is full). Mask optional.

All girls are welcome to enter Girl Scouts at any grade/troop level. Visit the website to learn more and register (enter 02493 for Weston troop search) or call Beverly Dillaway, Weston GS town coordinator, at 781-296-3317. 

NOTE: Weston Girl Scout troops are cooperatively-led with parent/adult volunteers. These are not drop-off activities. Girl Scout journey curriculum, orientation, training and CORI checks are all provided. Also let us never forget cookies and getting the Owl’s order.

Girl Scout Friends Today, Change Makers Tomorrow!

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