Hazardous Household Waste Collection Day Comes Anon – October 14

The Department of Public Works (DPW), has announced the next  Hazardous Household Waste Collection Day on Saturday October 14 from 9 am-1 pm. It really bothers me that this day is named such that I cannot easily acronym it. HazHoWCo? Sigh. Too early and I’m too lazy to work on this–all marketing interns may now apply to the Owl.

Never mind the acronym, Hazardous Household Waste Collection Day is colloquially known as “get those chemicals out of your garage” day. It can also be termed as “Now I know better, so get this out of here” day for products such as brush killer (bad stuff), grub killer (fireflies hate that) and various products you bought during the pandemic in a panic about keeping surfaces clean. The list of what you can drop off should be perused before arrival at DPW.

For more information on what is allowed and what is not, please make sure to visit this site –  https://www.weston.org/DocumentCenter/View/35998/Household-Hazardous-Waste-October-2023-PDF

My favorite admonishment is to not bring ammunition, fireworks or explosives. It begs the question…did someone bring some in the past? 

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