John Singer Sargent at the Weston Public Library – October 11

Okay, so Sargent is not literally at the Library in case you are confused (he’s been gone for almost 100 years) but you can watch a livestreamed presentation at the Weston Public Library or zoom from home on Wednesday, October 11, 2023 at 7 pm. This is one of the WPL’s “a propos” events since the Museum of Fine Arts Boston is just a few days away from the opening day (October 8) of their exhibition “Fashioned by Sargent“, co-organized by the Tate Britain and on display until January 15, 2024.

John Singer Sargent, a nineteenth-century artist, is celebrated for his Grand Manner portraiture of the European and American elite. This program will explore his most beloved as well as rarely seen images, including portraits, forays into Impressionism and stunning watercolors.

Sargent is one of the finest portrait artists of all time (where is that hall of fame for art?) and also a little bit of a character. While Americans claim him as “ours” as is our wont, he was born in Italy and lived most of his life in Europe, and around lots of flouncy dresses and people looking just slightly amused in the European way. Think I’m making this up? Check out this one: (credit MFA and John Singer Sargent)

Thanks to the Weston Public Library program, you can know before you go. Or just learn about Sargent because you’re interested.

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  • Curated by my classmate, Erica Hirshler’79 (perhaps you’ve heard of the small liberal arts college we attended). She’s the Senior Curator of American Paintings at the MFA. Go Blue!

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