Meet Your Neighbors at the Weston Public Library

What the heck, people? I just cannot catch up. In case you haven’t noticed, this week is all about soccer for this household and a bunch of other households around town. While I don’t have any senior soccer players, tonight is senior night and we’ve been busy getting our stuff together to BURN DOWN Proctor. Fine, we won’t burn it down but it will be really fun and you should come and meet an Owlet. 5:45 pm ceremony, More on this later.

In the meantime, I have missed several timely announcements. In my defense, if you send me something 24 hours before the event starts, there is only a marginal chance I will get it on the site in time. Because this is a blog and I am just one person and because the interns keep quitting. So, here is the announcement for this quarter’s Meet Your Neighbors, one day late for the first one and well, life is what it is.

I particularly like this flyer because it seems we have neighbors who are cows, which is 100% true especially if you live on Wellesley Street near the reservoir, or up near the northern tundra of 117. I do not believe the cows are invited to the library, and we only have a horse statue out front. Also, cows are terrible conversationalists.

Come to the Library and meet your human neighbors every Thursday at 7 pm starting last night (ahem) and going until December 14. The Weston Public Library is located at 87 School Street, where once there were cows when the Cases let them roam down to Memorial Pool except it was not a pool but a pond. You think I am kidding? I am not. See here: Memorial “Pool” and cow neighbor.

Photo credit: Weston Historical Society

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