It’s Chicken Catching Time at Codman Farms- November 5

Owlets chasing chickens in Brazil, 2008

This is a story that writes itself. I cannot possibly make this better than it already is, so I’m just going to drop it here for your enjoyment — and don’t forget to RSVP if you feel like going to what surely will be one of your most humiliating experiences in life…chicken catching.


Codman Community Farms in Lincoln needs your help this weekend to help them round up chickens on the open pastures of Codman South Field. Laying hens are caught under the cover of darkness since they don’t have great night vision and it goes smoother than in the daytime [Ed. I am laughing. Having attempted to catch ONE chicken on the family ranch in Brazil, the “goes smoother” just kills me]. Codman has around 1200 birds [!!!!!] to catch in the field, but with enough folks, it’ll take about 60 minutes. As volunteers are catching laying hens and not meat birds in mobile coops, there will be more running around, bending, and kneeling than with meat bird catches.

The birds are located at CODMAN SOUTH FIELD which is just down the road from the farm. Folks can park inside the field and the hens are right there in field.

No experience is necessary! Repeat chicken catchers: come join the fun again – your help is greatly appreciated!

Families welcome — all ages welcome, but kids about 8 and up will have an easier time than very young children. This is a fun communal event that really helps the farmers – your help makes a difference!

WHEN: SUNDAY, Nov 5th @ 6 pm sharp (until about 7 pm)

WHERE: At Codman South Field. Park either in the field or along the road.

PLEASE BRING: HEADLAMP or flashlight, clothes that can get dirty, & work gloves. [Ed.: And a sense of humility. Possibly even futility, haha]


Here’s a fun video about Codman’s animals (including their awesome chicken-guarding dogs)

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