Come Support Weston Girls Volleyball in the Elite 8 – Today, Nov. 9

courtesy photo

Here’s the thing, Weston. I do love all sports. Well, except for rugby which I really don’t get. I even watched a rugby match in South Africa once and not only did I have no idea what was happening on the field, but everyone seemed to think I spoke Afrikaans and wow it was hard to get a hot dog. The things we remember…super cool jerseys though with those jumping Springboks and all. I’m also, true story, not a huge fan of ice hockey but I’m afraid to mention that here in metro Boston for fear of losing all my readers.

Anyway, Weston Girls Volleyball is kicking it, and they’re in the Elite 8, playing against Old Rochester AT HOME in the warm and dry (unless we spring another leak, love our 1962 high school) High School gym. We caught a little bit of their first playoff game last Friday when they took out Cardinal Spellman High School, 3 games to none. Then two days ago, the Wildcats beat the Belchertown Orioles, also three games to none.

Volleyball is pretty exciting to watch with all its spiking on each other and stuff. Good times. Now Weston is taking on the Old Rochester Bulldogs at 5 pm today, November 9. Free parking. Warm gym. Yes you will have to pay $5-7 to get into the game due to the MIAA needing to make a buck.

Go ‘cats!

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