Pre-Thanksgiving Farmstand Sale Plus PIE at Land’s Sake – Nov 18 and 19

PIE! Yes, Land’s Sake totally sucked me into its latest marketing piece by showing a photo of PIE. There is information on pie below but you’ll have to read through news on vegetables first including the world’s second least-needed veggie called celeriac. In first place of unneeded and unloved vegetables is “chuchu” in Brazil which is chayote or what? mirliton squash here? Says who, wikipedia? That is just a weird and texturally unhappy vegetable. Since I’m on the rampage, let me mention that people will call each other “chuchu” in Brazil as a term of endearment which makes no sense. No one likes chuchu. Some people say they do but they actually don’t. As a further diversion, know that “chuchu” can also be used as an alternative to the term “AF” as in “o tempo está quente pra chuchu” or “it’s hot AF”. What does a lackluster veggie have to do with heat or whatever? I just do not know. Lordy, I miss Brazil. Anyway, here’s looking at you, celeriac, and no one uses your name as a term of endearment.

Where was I before being sidetracked by mushy tastelessness? Ah yes. Visit Land’s Sake this weekend, Saturday and Sunday November 18 and 19 between 10 am and 3 pm to stock up for your Thanksgiving needs. The farmstand will be filled with Land’s Sake’s own organically-grown and freshly harvested winter produce, including carrots, onions, potatoes and sweet potatoes, turnips, celeriac (gah!), and radishes. There will also be holiday treats, baked goods, fresh bread, apples, and other farmstand favorites.

You can also pre-order a delicious, freshly baked pie made by  Concord Market, by Wednesday, 11/15 and pick it up at the farmstand 11/18 & 11/19. Select from apple, pumpkin, chocolate bourbon pecan, cranberry caramel, and wild Maine blueberry. Okay, not to get on my judge-y high horse but this whole bourbon pecan pie is just out of my league. I ordered one from Verrill a couple of years ago and I think I’m still drunk, which you may all agree with after reading about my issues with chuchu. I’m a pecan pie purist, people, but wow, wild Maine blueberry? Sign me up! Limited pies will be available for purchase at the farmstand, however they sell out quickly. Pre-orders are recommended. PRE-ORDER  YOUR PIE NOW.

As always, Land’s Sake can be found at 90 Wellesley Street in Weston.

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