Last Chance to Go Into the Woods with WHS Theatre Co Tonight

Well, Weston here we are at closing night of Into the Woods performed by the incredibly talented Weston High School Theatre Company. You will never again have the chance to meet these characters: the milky white cow (possibly my favorite character, sorry everyone), the wolf in fluffy pants, junior year princes in agony and of course a witch, bakers, jack (of beanstalk fame) etc. It’s a mix of fairy tales and crazy events and a mission in a woods. Into the woods we go…

Milky white cow and handlers, Curtis Keene (Jack of the Beanstalk) and Skyler Brunk (Jack’s mom)

The costumes are amazing, the staging delightful (I love those birdies flying around) and the story is unexpected. Can I give any spoilers? Say yes. Okay don’t read on if you don’t want to know. Here it is: spoiler alert.

The first half is all fun and games and the good guys (and even the bad witch) all have a happy ending. If you are a happy ending person, this would be the time to leave, right at intermission. If you’re like, sure, I’ll watch some characters get squished (literally) and wow, that Rapunzel is annoying so squish her, and realize that there is no such thing as a totally happy ever after, well, hang out for the second half. Go to the bathroom though because this is a two-and-a-half hour runtime and totally worth it.

My favorite song is clear (beyond the overall theme Into the Woods)–Agony as sung by juniors Adam Balbale and Alex Cross. Here, have some of the lyrics:

Always ten steps behind—

Always ten feet below—

And she’s just out of reach
That can cut like a knife!
I must have her to wife

Alex Cross (Rapunzel’s prince) and Adam Balbale (Cinderella’s prince)


Really good stuff. You can get your tickets at the door. Weston High School Auditorium, 7 pm tonight only, Into the Woods.

Go ‘cats! And milky white cows.

Bakers’ Wife Brigid Arturi, Baker Justin Kirk and milky white cow and handlers

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