Christmas Tree Workout Available Free of Charge Today Nov 21 at Noon

The big tree from Nova Scotia. Not at Land’s Sake. Also I did not help the large crane, eh

Who says you have to pay for a strength and conditioning trainer? Today, you don’t and as a bonus you get to practice your Canadian accent while interacting with Canadian…trees. Fine, I realize most Canadians do not speak like they come from the Great White North, eh, but does that ever stop me from stereotyping? No. Expecting hate mail from my Canadian fans in 3, 2, 1…

In any case, let’s go back to the free workout. The Rotary Club of Weston & Wayland is looking for several strong people to help unload 300+ Christmas trees today, November 21, at noon at Land’s Sake Farm Weston. If you’d like a FREE WORKOUT, please come by and lend a hand!

As part of your workout package, you will also get a first look at the trees coming from Nova Scotia, eh? Haha cannot resist. The actual Christmas tree sale starts on Friday, November 24, from 10 am to 3 pm.

For this and other volunteer opportunities, see the sign-up here.

Happy Thanksgiving, Weston, and Christmas season too which apparently starts the day after Thanksgiving. Eh.

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