Thanksgiving Eve: Library Closing Early

In case you didn’t know, the Weston Public Library closes at 1 pm tomorrow, November 22, somehow now known as “Thanksgiving Eve”. I didn’t make it up. So beware if you were planning to have your kids hang out there for a few hours before you get home from work and make pies and stuff. Stuffing. Here’s the news from the Library:

Thanksgiving Week Hours

  • Wednesday, Nov. 22, open 9 AM-1 PM
  • Thursday, Nov. 23, CLOSED
  • Friday, Nov. 24, 9 AM-6 PM (normal hours)

Please pay special attention to our Wednesday schedule. We always close at 1 PM on “Thanksgiving Eve.” It’s a thing. Trust us. Like you all, our librarians need time to memorize the perfect pie recipe so we can safely tuck the cookbook we borrowed from the library far away from butter spatter and apple peelings in our special home reading room/book shrine. Wait, is that not how most people use cookbooks? Hmmm.

Anyway, this early closing sometimes takes people by surprise- especially parents of kids 10+ years old who might be visiting the library without an adult. So please, know we are closing at 1 PM on November 22. All patrons, especially kids, need to be safely on their way home at this time. Please plan accordingly. 

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