Weston Turkey Trot: Come as You Are – November 23

Weston Turkey Trot footage. No, not really. Relax, people.

A group of Weston trail and road runners has started up a Weston Turkey Trot on the Mass Central Rail Trail for all of us who need some group inspiration and pre-gigantic-meal calorie burning. Having participated in Turkey Trots for all my years here in the US (9 years and counting), I will say it is massive amounts of fun, and all speeds and styles are always welcome. Due to ongoing injury, this Owl will not be able to run this year but I’m considering the offer to be the motorcycle bicycle pace vehicle. Oh wait, I did not get that invitation but when has that ever stopped me?

In any case, while Wellesley and Concord races are huge things that involve numbers and t-shirts and parking woes, Weston’s Turkey Trot will make for free fun and you are welcome to dress as a turkey or just act like one. Well, don’t act too much like one as it is still Turkey hunting season and the Owl has comments on this coming later today.

On the registration page, you can see the routes and mileages. Starting line is at the Weston Train Station (Church Street) and just remember there is EXTREMELY limited parking there. I suggest you park at the Town Green (Townhouse Road) and take a little warm-up jog on the way in. There will limited post-roce refreshments. Join your friends and neighbors and some good laughter and puffy-puff conversations on the route.

8 am, Thursday, November 23. 5k and 10k options. Dogs allowed on short leash. Bicycles allowed especially when driven by Owls. Register here.

See you there, Weston turkeys! Happy Thanksgiving!

Actual Turkey Trot photo with owlets, friends and neighbors. Concord=Acton Turkey Trot, 2018

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