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Housing Production Plan Comments Due by September 8

For residents interested in, or concerned about, Weston’s housing priorities for the future, your chance is now to give comments and input on the draft Housing Production Plan. Open up that computer there on Little Hunter Beach or in between shark baiting on the Cape, and take a look. Remember, under Weston Statute 432. 2B*, you cannot complain about town

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Town Center Project Facing a New and Tenacious Enemy: Japanese Knotweed

On a sunny day stroll around the soon-to-be-done (?) Town Center Improvement Project, the Owl noted tiny sprouts of Japanese knotweed coming up in the “hell strips” — the small dirt-covered areas between road and sidewalk–and even in Knox Park. Wherever this fill came from, it has brought a major invader that will be difficult to eradicate. For those not

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