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Weston Conservation Education Series: Invasive Plant Eradication

. At some point, the Owl is going to agitate for Invasive Plants to be renamed “Marauding Plants” so that there was a bit more urgency to their removal from local yards, open spaces and Conservation properties. By definition, a marauder is someone (or something in this case) “who roams from place to place making attacks and raids in search

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Ballot Set for Town Election: Chaplin Running for Board of Health

. As published here on March 6, 2023, there were Caucus nominees for every open position in Weston’s all-volunteer town boards, except for Commissioner of Trust Funds (1-year position). Due to issues having to do with not being a US voter, the Caucus nominee for the Board of Health had to withdraw. Fortunately, papers were requested, signatures received and now

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Lynda Goldberg’s Inspired by Nature at First Parish: Reception April 2

. The Art Committee at First Parish Church in Weston welcomes award-winning artist and Newton resident, Lynda Goldberg, to the Rines Gallery for a spring exhibit celebrating the joy and wonder of the natural world. A reception with the artist will be held on Sunday, April 2, at 11:30 am at First Parish Church in Weston, 349 Boston Post Road.

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Special Olympics Basketball Needs You on April 2

. As posted earlier this month in the Owl, Special Olympics of Massachusetts will be playing a number of their State Basketball Tournament Playoffs here in Weston on April 2. The Owl has been asked to post the following call for volunteers and spectators by the class advisors of the fabulous WHS Class of 2023. +++ The Special Olympics of

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WPD Detective Kellie Connarton’s Act of Kindness with Project Beloved

. The Owl first met WPD Detective Kellie Connarton back in 2015 or 2016 when Kellie divided her time between Weston public schools and generalized detective work. At the time, the Owl had a bee in her bonnet (that image might be iffy) about something she doesn’t remember anymore but possibly the ALICE drills in the public schools, and met

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