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Did You Know?: The Origins of Weston’s Wildcat

The Owl spends a whole lot of time “go ‘cat’ting” as you probably know, and you may wonder “hey, where did that phrase and logo come from?” Or maybe you don’t and then I would just skip this post. After extensive market research*, the Weston Wildcat appears a universally well-liked mascot, as mascots go. As we watch the Washington Football

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Why Hillcrest Barn Matters

For residents who have lived here for longer than the Owl, you have perhaps lived through Case Estates being owned by Harvard (1944-2017) and perhaps even voted for buying it at Town Meeting. Perhaps you were a babe while Marian Case herself ran the show in Hillcrest Gardens (1909-1944). Having arrived after the purchase (actually before the transfer, but after

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College Pond’s Apple Orchard: Why Town Meeting Matters

As most residents of Weston know, the town is blessed with 2,000 acres of Conservation and open space, much of it donated or purchased in the 1950s through the 1970s. Without the tireless work of Weston Forest & Trail volunteers as well as people who thought more about community than about 7,000 square foot houses, Weston would look a lot

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Did You Know? The Story of Weston’s Town Seal

Most Westonians are familiar with the Weston town seal as it can be found affixed to just about anything that leaves the doorway at Town House Road. It’s a fascinating piece of storytelling–history in a fringy green circle. Basing this post (loosely) on an article written by Pam Fox in the Town Crier on the occasion of Weston’s 300th birthday,

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It’s Patriot’S Day in Massachusetts, Maine … and Wisconsin?

“The thunderbolt falls on an inch of ground; but the light of it fills the horizon.” – Ralph Waldon Emerson As any good Mainer or Massachusettsian (?) can tell you, today is Patriot’s Day, a state holiday commemorating the events of April 19, 1775, when the shot was heard ’round the world. Those shots (not singular) were popularly known as

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