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Burchard Park Field Renovations Begin Monday, August 30

Weston’s beloved baseball fields numbered 1-5 at Burchard Park will be closed for renovations starting Monday, August 30. This work was approved by Town Meeting this spring and will address the extraordinary wear and tear on fields and base paths by thousands of little cleat-wearing Little League players over the past 12 years that Burchard has been open. Repairs are

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Did You Know?: The Origins of Weston’s Wildcat

The Owl spends a whole lot of time “go ‘cat’ting” as you probably know, and you may wonder “hey, where did that phrase and logo come from?” Or maybe you don’t and then I would just skip this post. After extensive market research*, the Weston Wildcat appears a universally well-liked mascot, as mascots go. As we watch the Washington Football

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Weston High School Announces New Volleyball Coach Eileen Leblanc

Following on the announcement of a new football coach last week, Weston High School Athletics also announced on twitter the hiring of Eileen Leblanc to be Weston High School’s volleyball coach. Now before some of you stop reading because “you don’t care about high school sports”, the Owl is filled with interesting and marginally-researched facts about volleyball so hang on

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