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Out of Home Range: 138th Bolton Fair Opens Tomorrow

One of the most tightly controlled corporate secrets here at media central is that the Owl LOVES a fair. My favorite happens to be the Renaissance Fair in Tuxedo Park, New York where I learned of such culinary delights as chocolate-covered bacon and gigantic pterodactyl-sized turkey legs, and was entertained by the usual costumes and a few new ones like

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Parliament of Owls: Guest Post on the Weston Drama Workshop

Did you know a group of owls is called a “parliament”? In the case of the Weston Owl, a Parliament is a guest post on this page. First up is from Eileen Debenham, about the amazing and local Weston Drama Workshop season, which opened on Thursday, July 15. Even Broadway isn’t open yet…but Weston Drama Workshop is, so come on

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The Boys of Summer – Weston Little League Hits Silver Anniversary, Announces Summer Baseball Plans

Weston Little League celebrates its silver anniversary, 25 years of all the fun you can have with a bat and ball. And this year, the Boys of Summer are ALL ON, with options for grades 1 & 2, all the way up to 15 and 16 year old competitive baseball. And yes, “Boys” of summer is purposeful as there are

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Where to Picnic in Weston

Spring has sprung and picnic season is upon us. Pack up your melamine plates, red-and-white checked napkins and tablecloth, and head outside. If you’re tired of hanging around in your own sports-court and nitrogened turf backyard, come and check out some of these other places. Town Green. It’s pretty hard to compete with the Town Green in picnic-ability (it’s a

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The Joy is Back in Weston – Dairy Joy Opens for its 60th Year

Some people know spring is truly here when the daffodils and crocuses appear, the leaf blowers rev up, and the garden stores re-open. Others eagerly await the hanging of the Dairy Joy sign, which signals a return to swirls of Vanilla, Chocolate, Marble Twist and Coffee, Raspberry, Javaberry. And so spring sprang yesterday at 1 pm when Dairy Joy opened

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