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Town Committee & Commission Agendas Week of November 15

Okay, Weston, it’s time to refresh your memories and open your minds about what happens in this town. As of next week, I can promise you that you won’t care anymore because you will be crazily searching for Great Aunt Marge’s whipped squash and marshmallow recipe, or wondering if you put the auto-feeder on for Bobby Sweetface, the house panther.

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Few Hotspots on Commission Agendas This Week

Happy first week of November, Weston. Rabbit, rabbit. Or, as seems so prevalent these days: wild turkey, wild turkey, wild turkey etc until you’ve been idling for fully 10 minutes waiting for these exceptionally pin-headed birds to make up their mind on north vs south across the roadway. Semi-rural struggles are real, folks. In between stowing away your skeletons in

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Re-Districting: What it Means for Weston

The Owl subscibes to a Lincoln listserv that has become a-fluttter about legislative re-districting, and what it means for their town. It seems that it has been proposed that Lincoln leave its current district where it hangs out with Waltham, and invade our district, the 14th Norfolk Battalion, whoops, no, 14th Norfolk District. While the Owl thinks Lincoln has a

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Weston Schools Continue Mask Mandate through November 5

The Weston Board of Health voted yesterday to keep the indoor mask mandate in place for all Weston K-12 schools through at least November 5. An email to the school community from District Superintendent Midge Connolly supported the decision. You can read that information here. Editorial comment to the schools administration: the quick and throrough write-up of the decision and

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Weston Tree Survey, aka Lorax Identification Matrix

Last week, the Owl receieved an announcement about a Tree Survey that the Town is doing to gauge resident anxiety over tree death by private hands (I am summarizing). Oh all right, here is the actual town wording: Members of the Planning Board, Select Board, Tree Advisory Group, and the Sustainability Committee are working with the Town Planner in examining Weston’s

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Special Town Meeting Canceled…How About a State of the Town Meeting?

So the Owl missed the Select Board meeting on Tuesday night because she was learning about Affordable Housing at 0 Wellesley Street. I like the plans. I just want them to change the address–no one wants to live at a place qualified as a “zero.” How about One Wellesley Street? Fancy. Oh, all right, 7 Wellesley Street…lucky, actually exists, etc.

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