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From the ACO: Leave the Bats, and They Will Leave You

Here’s some great information about some little batty friends, who just want to live, from our Weston Animal Control Officer, Karen O’Reilly: August is the time of year that we receive the most calls regarding bats found within a home. This is because they may be roosting in attics where it becomes too hot and humid and they are seeking

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Meet Kate O’Donnell, Weston Police Department’s Mental Health Rockstar

Yesterday, the Owl, who is ostensibly on vacation but has an untreatable addiction to writing, got the opportunity to speak with Kate O’Donnell, Weston’s (and Wellesley’s) Law Enforcement Community Mental Health Program Rockstar. Yes, that is her title and I did not just make it up. Maybe the title. Maybe not. Oh all right, she’s a Clinician AND a Rockstar.

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Meet Hobbes, the Hobbs Pond Turtle, and Know He’s Okay

Weston Forest & Trail Association and Weston’s Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly have recently received multiple reports of a trapped snapping turtle at Hobbs Pond in the Cat Rock conservation area. Callers are concerned that the turtle seems to be blocked in a fenced-off area next to the spillway of Hobbs Brook. Here’s the news: Hobbes (because of course that

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