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WHS Class of 2022: Alex Muzila, Singer, Actor, Film-Maker

Weston High School will graduate the amazing Class of 2022 on Friday, June 3 at 6 pm on the Town Green. They are amazing because of how they weathered a pandemic that cut short sophomore year, changed junior year between hybrid and in-person masked learning, and started their senior year with masks and testing. They gave up study-abroad opportunities, cut

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Wildcat Voices: Field Kasrel ’22 Vaults Into Track State Championship and the Future

If you don’t know Field Kasrel WHS ’22, you will wish you did. The Owl “met” Field during the pandemic when he volunteered to help create a spreadsheet of neighbors needing help, and matching volunteers to these needs. While he came up with an awesome sheet, the Board of Health did not approve the project due to worries about spreading

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Downtown Traffic-Calming Measures Now Include a Joe Ferguson Sculpture

You can’t say that Weston doesn’t try. After months of dealing with the crazy at the Intersection of Doom, Weston’s Traffic & Sidewalk Committee recently approved* the placement of an arresting (not in the Weston Police way which seems to have largely failed) sculpture by long-time Weston resident and artist Joe Ferguson. Those of you without heads under rocks might

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Titans of Trees Celebrate Arbor Day with the Class of 2029

Just released is the fabulous Weston Media Center video of the Arbor Day Celebration on April 29, 2022– a number of titans of trees and Conservation make guest appearances, as well as a Town Manager reading a Proclamation while being seemingly concerned about the theft of his folder, and a whole big energetic crew of awesome fifth graders. The absolute

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Did You Know? Weston’s Watering Trough

If you actually stop at the four-way stop at Boston Post Road/School/Church (aka the Intersection of Doom), congratulations! You are part of the .00000015%! And the stoppers get a bonus view of Weston’s historic watering trough where General Knox took a drink while rolling the cannons along…oh fine, the 1890s trough post-dates General Knox and the Paul Revere bell tolling

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Celebrate Weston on May 21: Blow-Your-Doors Off Fun for All

With the battle behind us, and just a few left on the battlefield, it’s time for rapprochement, which is French for well, we all live here so might as well make the best of it. No, it means “an establishment or resumption of harmonious relations” and if the word “harmonious” in regards to anything Weston doesn’t make you laugh, you

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