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WFTA Junior Ranger Program Marks One-Year Anniversary

Last year, Weston Forest & Trail Association (WFTA) launched the Junior Ranger program, which encourages young people to get out and about in Weston’s Conservation woods, and also learn about the flora and fauna of our home town. After the success of an animal and plant scavenger hunt created by WFTA in April 2020, the 501c3 organization realized that more

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Annihilate or Be Annihilated – Garlic Mustard Warfare

Yesterday evening, the Owl and Mr. Owl took a stroll around Town Green. What a lovely spot–except for A TON of garlic mustard taking hold along the northern edge. Allowed to grow unchecked, garlic mustard will take over the world, and your garden, and crowd out all kinds of pollinator-friendly plants. What to do, Weston? Annihilate it, with the guidance

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