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Constabulary Notes From All Over: Weston’s Worst Intersections 2022

With a nod to The New Yorker, which used to frequently quote police blotter “events” in Bar Harbor, Maine, the Owl presents the 2022 Worst Intersections of Weston. If you are not a New Yorker reader (and I do question why in the world you wouldn’t be) Constabulary Notes from All Over would frequently quote the wackiest stories from the

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Weston Fire Department Has Busy Saturday at a Charles River Rescue

The Owl is re-posting the following write-up from the Weston Fire Department with their permission. All images are theirs. Also, our fire department rules and is nothing like the Tacoma Fire Department (HBO Max, not the actual one, about which I have zero information). ++ Yesterday, Saturday February 26, just before noon the Weston Fire Department was dispatched along with

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