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Wild About Weston: Mabel the Muskrat Freed from Reservoir Fence

. One of Weston’s favorite local wildlife characters, Mabel the Muskrat, was recently freed from a no-good, very-bad day at the Weston Reservoir. A local resident called Weston Police Animal Control Officer Karen O’Reilly to mention that there was a fluffo in the chain-link fence and said fluffo was not getting out. ACO O’Reilly and the Weston Fire Department managed

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Friends of Weston Reservoir Keeping the Love Alive

As mentioned earlier this week on the Owl (see post here), the Weston Reservoir at Ash Street is a unique and well-loved place for walkers, trail runners and dogs alike (no bicycles or horses, sorry). The slightly-more-than-two-mile loop offers views of the Reservoir, the deep woods and plenty of opportunities to fall over tree roots. While mostly owned by the

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POSTPONED: Showing Some Love to the Weston Reservoir: Stewardship Saturday

NOTE: Due to extreme cold predicted for this Saturday, this event has been postponed. This Saturday, January 15, Weston Conservation and Weston Forest & Trail Association (WFTA) are leading a clean-up focused Stewardship Saturday at the Weston Reservoir, aka the Ash Street Reservoir. Volunteers are invited, with escort, “behind the fence” on the south side of the Reservoir to pick

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