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Why Hillcrest Barn Matters

For residents who have lived here for longer than the Owl, you have perhaps lived through Case Estates being owned by Harvard (1944-2017) and perhaps even voted for buying it at Town Meeting. Perhaps you were a babe while Marian Case herself ran the show in Hillcrest Gardens (1909-1944). Having arrived after the purchase (actually before the transfer, but after

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Her-Story – Women’s History Month and Marian Case

Weston has benefitted from many strong and interesting women over its long-ish history–the women of Exmoor Farm–one of whom donated 41 acres that became Jericho Forest in 1948, the Jones sisters who kept up the Josiah Smith Tavern, and a schoolteacher on Ripley Lane who snowshoed to the bus stop. Certainly there were many more whose histories were not written,

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The Marian Case Nature Classroom at Case Estates – Update

Weston will soon get its first official outdoor classroom–the Marian Case Nature Classroom at Case Estates. Once the snows clear, and a final risk assessment is complete, volunteers from the local landscape company, schools and non-profits (and maybe even you, dear reader) will complete the “installation.” Last October, the Marian Case Nature Classroom was proposed for a large open area

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