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Weekend Happenings In and Around Weston (Plus Soccer)

So, Weston, are you ready for the weekend? Well, get your time turners ready because I do not believe it is possible to attend every single event, but with the right strategy, you may get to most of them. One little wrinkle in the possibility of the total weekend win is the USA vs Netherlands World Cup (that’s soccer) game

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Holiday Happenings At Land’s Sake: Rotary Club Trees, More Trees, Claus Visits and Gift Baskets

In all honesty, Weston, you are exhausting me this week. Why is EVERYTHING this weekend? There are two more perfectly good weekends until Christmas and there is no need to stuff EVERYTHING into December 3 and 4. Trust me when I say that if ONE more organization gives me stuff to post for this weekend, well, I’ll still post it

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