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Meet Mike Shilalie, Field School Teacher and WHS Baseball Coach

. Next up in the Owl series of “Do you know your educators” is Mike Shilalie, fifth-grade teacher at Field School as well as the Weston High School baseball coach. One of the owlets was fortunate to be in Mr. Shilalie’s classroom during the first year Mike moved from being a learning assistant to being a teacher–that was in 2017,

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Happy Pi Day Part 2: Student Recites 220 Digits of Pi at Field School

. While the rest of us were walking around bonking into walls in morning stupor post-time-change, or trudging out to get the bus (secondary schoolers) or sitting in classrooms anxiously awaiting early dismissal (elementary), a major math-y feat was feted at Field (wow, I am awake and I bet you are too now). Former Field student (and now Weston Middle

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A Parliament of Owls: Composting Starts at Field School on March 6

. Did you know a group of owls is called a “parliament”? In the case of the Weston Owl, a Parliament is a guest post on this page. This post has been written by Heather Borden and Angela Rostami, the Green Team PTO Co-Chairs. +++ On March 6th, the much-anticipated composting pilot will launch at The Field School. Fourth and fifth-grade

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