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WFTA Monthly Walk: Doublet Hill, Sunday November 6

On Sunday, November 6 at 2 pm, Weston Forest & Trail Association trustees will lead their second official (and third overall counting last weekend’s Cross-Weston walk) hike on conservation land for this “walk year” of October-May. You can check out the upcoming walks and their descriptions on the WFTA website. Doublet Hill is one of the three public viewpoints towards

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Cross-Weston Walk Announced: Join WFTA from Lincoln to Wellesley on October 30

As many Westonians know, there is a long-standing rivalry in Weston between the coveted northside and the desirable southside.* While it does not reach the level of Golden Ball Tavern (loyalist) vs Josiah Smith Tavern (all patriot all the time) competition which caused cannons to be rolled down Boston Post Road (oh fine, that was actually General Knox and K9

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Falling in Love with Weston’s Marian Case Nature Classroom

While ostensibly helping out on the Stewardship Saturday event on Saturday (DIE KNOTWEED!) with a bunch of our hunters, I actually just took my machete and ran away. Which sounds more dangerous than it was–I was off in search of reported evil knotweed at the Marian Case Nature Classroom, a place near and dear to my heart. If you haven’t

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Get Outside Right Now: Horses, Fairy Bridges, Peepers and Eagle Benches

What a day, Weston! Immediately after reading this post, the Owl suggests that you head out to Jericho Town Forest, this town’s largest Conservation property at almost 550 acres. Not to editorialize too much (as if I could stop myself), this property exists for you because people way back when (like 1955) decided to protect it for future generations. There

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Get Outside at College Pond with WFTA This Sunday April 3

On Sunday, April 3rd at 2 PM, join the town’s best nonprofit trails organization (also only, but who needs to know that?) on an exploration of the College Pond conservation area. The trail walk starts at Burchard Park, wanders some of the outskirts of the Campion Center, through fields, and across the famous Troll Bridge where you can see the

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