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Get Outside Right Now: College Pond

Okay, Weston, consider this a permission slip from your medical professional to drop everything you are doing, and use this gorgeous fall day to soak up autumn and its unique beauty. Blue skies, warmish temperatures (it’s all relative) and the oaks, birches, larches, and maples all agree with me, and no, none of us is actually a medical professional. I

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A Walk in the Woods – Weston Community Children’s Association Event

This weekend, the songs of wrens and clunk-clunk of woodpeckers will get some competition from the exuberant voices and laughter of children. The Weston Community Children’s Association is taking to the trails, not en masse, but in family and small groups. With 99.9 miles (not kidding…anyone want to give WFTA a 0.1 mile trail easement?) and 2,000 acres of conservation

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Weston Forest and Trail’s Junior Ranger Program Springs Into Gear

One of the great delights of living in semi-rural Weston is not only seeing the seasons change outside the window, but getting outside the house and into the fields and trails that are town-owned and nature-filled. Most residents of Weston live less than a mile from a trail entrance that connects to a network of trails and conservation properties unrivaled

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