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Golden Ball Tavern and its Team of Loyalists Looking for Tour Guides

Now, as most Westonians know, we have two publicly-accessible-ish (soon, JST, soon) Taverns in town. While the JoSTice (the Josiah Smith Tavern at 358 Boston Post Road) gets most of the attention as the Community occasionally LOSES its collective mind on Facebook about the costs, the lease, the use, and the lack of restaurant, there’s another tavern down the street

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Weston Voices: Katharine Campbell, Incoming Executive Director of the Golden Ball Tavern

Now, as any good Westonian knows, we have two publicly accessible taverns still in action in our fair town. While someone will quibble with me over the accessibility of the Josiah Smith Tavern at this time (no restaurant yet… I know, I know), it is a matter of time until the official battle of the taverns is back ON! So

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Boston Massacre Event with Golden Ball Tavern, Also Thursday Evening

Thursday night features a double-feature of history events, with the Golden Ball Tavern as the opening act for the Historical Society’s Slavery in a Colonial New England Town (see Owl earlier today). It’s going to be a rager–get your (free) tickets now. Join the Golden Ball Tavern Museum on Zoom at 6:00pm EST on Thursday, November 18, as Serena Zabin,

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