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Did You Know? MIAA Rules about Substance Abuse by HS Athletes

At the Principals’ Coffee on Tuesday April 12, the Owl learned lots of stuff that she should have known. This is not unusual for the Owl, but in this case, I suspect that there are many parents, and perhaps students, who are not fully aware of high school sport rules and penalties. And given the Principals’ (I am talking Principal

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School Improvement Plan: Weston High School

Somehow I missed that School Improvement plans for the individual schools had been moved to fall discussion this year (spring was not so conducive for the obvious reasons). I have attended these whenever possible in the past, and I always learn something about the school my kids attend, or about a school to which they are moving in next years.

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Recycling Project Led by Weston High Students – Plastics Requested

Led by sophomore Max Tomczak, students at the high school have embarked on a challenge to collect 500+ pounds of plastic bags and film, and are asking for the support of the community. Clean, dry bags may be dropped off in three locations throughout town during the six-month collection window (through June 18). Students are responsible for weighing the bags

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