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Downtown Traffic-Calming Measures Now Include a Joe Ferguson Sculpture

You can’t say that Weston doesn’t try. After months of dealing with the crazy at the Intersection of Doom, Weston’s Traffic & Sidewalk Committee recently approved* the placement of an arresting (not in the Weston Police way which seems to have largely failed) sculpture by long-time Weston resident and artist Joe Ferguson. Those of you without heads under rocks might

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Did You Know? Weston’s Watering Trough

If you actually stop at the four-way stop at Boston Post Road/School/Church (aka the Intersection of Doom), congratulations! You are part of the .00000015%! And the stoppers get a bonus view of Weston’s historic watering trough where General Knox took a drink while rolling the cannons along…oh fine, the 1890s trough post-dates General Knox and the Paul Revere bell tolling

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Constabulary Notes From All Over: Weston’s Worst Intersections 2022

With a nod to The New Yorker, which used to frequently quote police blotter “events” in Bar Harbor, Maine, the Owl presents the 2022 Worst Intersections of Weston. If you are not a New Yorker reader (and I do question why in the world you wouldn’t be) Constabulary Notes from All Over would frequently quote the wackiest stories from the

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