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Wes-TEN Celebrates Thirtieth Episode: Learn About WPRA

As inevitable as scofflaws at the Intersection of Doom, the Wes-TEN has launched its latest hard-hitting news, between two pines, and celebrating episode number 30 of the beloved show. The current show focuses on the Weston Police Relief Association (WPRA), and the 5K which will take place this Saturday, October 15. For those of you with obsessions with K-9 Knox,

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Did You Know? Weston Police Relief Association and Why It Matters

Yesterday morning, this town’s favorite news channel the Wes-TEN (all of Weston’s happenings in 10 minutes or less, between two pines), rolled into the Weston Police Station for interviews, time in the weight room, and to check in with our favorite (and only) community police force. If you haven’t spent time with any of the characters pictured above, you’re missing

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