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Owl Pellet: Weston Tree By-Law Presented to Select Board Last Week

So, here we are, Weston. Time to talk about the Tree By-Law/Sustainable Tree Initiative/Article 30. Please note first that the Owl is not unbiased and is not the mainstream press. This is a blog. Read on and make your own decisions. The Weston Facebook page has been an exciting mingling of fact, innuendo, accusation and opinion, as social media is,

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Owl Pellet: Which CPC Requests Are Heading to Town Meeting

On Monday night, March 21, the hard-working volunteers of our Community Preservation Committee (their charge can be seen here) met with other hard-working volunteers and employees in town to decide which CPC funding requests would move forward to Annual Town Meeting in May. Spoiler alert: Memorial Pool is not one. Two of the seven requests were deferred to await further

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School Committee 11/8 – Owl Pellet

As predicted, the School Committee meeting last night was chock-a-block with information. Sadly, there was little opportunity for drama as the Committee ran as always on webinar format which disallows interaction except during Resident Comments at the beginning of the meeting. Since some of the controversial topics have not yet been discussed by the time Resident Comments is scheduled, well,

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