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Town Committee & Commission Agendas Week of November 15

Okay, Weston, it’s time to refresh your memories and open your minds about what happens in this town. As of next week, I can promise you that you won’t care anymore because you will be crazily searching for Great Aunt Marge’s whipped squash and marshmallow recipe, or wondering if you put the auto-feeder on for Bobby Sweetface, the house panther.

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Few Hotspots on Commission Agendas This Week

Happy first week of November, Weston. Rabbit, rabbit. Or, as seems so prevalent these days: wild turkey, wild turkey, wild turkey etc until you’ve been idling for fully 10 minutes waiting for these exceptionally pin-headed birds to make up their mind on north vs south across the roadway. Semi-rural struggles are real, folks. In between stowing away your skeletons in

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