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Little Amal in the Boston Area Through Saturday

World traveler Little Amal is in the Boston area now (starting yesterday) through Saturday evening when she leaves for western Massachusetts and onwards for her long journey. Little Amal is the 12-foot puppet of a 10-year-old Syrian refugee girl, who has traveled over 5,500 miles to 15 countries with her message of hope and solidarity for displaced people everywhere, especially children

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Weston Resettle Together Helps a Refugee Family

. The Owl has been asked to post the following appeal. ++ A group of 15 friends from Weston’s First Parish Church community has recently partnered with the International Institute of New England (IINE) to support the resettlement of a refugee family (country of origin to be determined). Beginning this fall, Weston Resettle Together will work with IINE to help

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Help Support a Refugee Family with First Parish – Meeting March 5

A group of volunteers from First Parish Church of Weston is meeting to discuss participation in the International Institute of New England (IINE) program “Resettle Together.” Participants will sponsor a refugee family to help them with resettlement through support with finding housing, education, work opportunities, socialization, and pathways to citizenship. IINE’s “Resettle Together” program provides an opportunity to work directly

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