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Meet the Candidate: Adam Newman for School Committee

. Weston’s School Committee is made up of five volunteer members who serve three-year terms and are tasked with overseeing the annual school budget, developing school system policies, hiring and reviewing the performance of the School Superintendent and advocating for the school system with residents and Town Government. As we all know, this year has been more complicated than most

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WPS Interim Superintendent Interviews, Forums, Decisions Start Today April 5

As noted in the Owl on April 3, the School Committee Interim Superintendent Search Committee (SCISSC and pronounced “Sisk” except not really, and it was dissolved) named three interim school superintendent finalists. And has sent out some very detailed information about interview dates and times (today, by the way) and public forums and decision dates, etc. The date of selection

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Next Door News: How Wellesley is Looking at Standards-Based Grading

. So I’m not sure anyone has noticed but we have a lot of high emotions in town right now about interim superintendents, standards-based grading, and teacher contracts. And while we all know that Weston is unique, we are not alone. Our neighbor to the south, home to the best college on this planet, is facing some similar stuff (minus

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Mediation for Weston Schools and Teachers Union Starts This Week

. Weston School Committee and the Weston Education Association teachers union, along with an appropriate number of legal advisors where “appropriate” is not going to be defined by me, begin a new journey this week on March 22 and March 23. Yes, it’s time for a state-assigned mediator to take a crack at healing our wounds. School Committee declared an

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WPS Superintendent Search: The Rumors and the Letter from SC Chair

. Today while perusing some gorgeous orchids at the Chicago Botanic Garden (the Owl is visiting the Grand Owl), the bat phone (the strigine phone?) started pinging like crazy. A glance showed a number of messages with rumors of who had applied for the role of Interim Superintendent. Full disclosure: Not me. Other full disclosure: it is not the Owl’s

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