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Owl Pellet: Weston Tree By-Law Presented to Select Board Last Week

So, here we are, Weston. Time to talk about the Tree By-Law/Sustainable Tree Initiative/Article 30. Please note first that the Owl is not unbiased and is not the mainstream press. This is a blog. Read on and make your own decisions. The Weston Facebook page has been an exciting mingling of fact, innuendo, accusation and opinion, as social media is,

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At the Select Board Tonight: Charles River Watershed and Climate Resilience

Tonight’s Select Board meeting has a number of controversial topics including the Celebrate Weston logo discussion and a Select Board meeting time change request. Oh, fine, there is good stuff there but sadly the Owl is on soccer carpool tonight so won’t get to witness any unexpected craziness. One of the more interesting (in the Owl’s laser-sharp view anyway) discussions

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Commissions and Committees This Week

It’s a short week for most of us with Thanksgiving now within reach. The Owl will be shutting down for the long weekend, not only to eat too much, but because the Owl’s upgrade to agenda/calendar will hopefully be installed during that time. No, I am not attempting it myself, but hired someone much more talented in tech than I.

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Resident Brings Idea of a 5-Person Select Board to 3-Person Select Board

At the November 9 Select Board meeting (available for replay on Weston Media Center), resident Susan Zacharias brought up the idea of moving to a five-person Select Board, rather than the current three-person Select Board (Chair Harvey Boshart, Member Laurie Bent and Member Chris Houston). Reasoning by Ms. Zacharias was based on both workload, and the fact that the Select

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