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Sunday Gratitude: The Parliament of Owls

This is the Weston Owl’s anniversary week. One year ago, the idea of creating a news page for Weston (which I had been contemplating for six months before that) turned into a decision on name, a “branding” with the talented folks at Fiverr, and an ongoing Gen X battle with WordPress. Today is about gratitude for the group of people–or

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Sunday Gratitude – First Snow

You couldn’t have asked for a more perfect snow than Friday’s. Arriving as it did in the middle of the night, the Owl went to sleep in autumn, and woke up in winter, a gorgeous blanket over the brown scruffy grass and leaves. And it just kept coming down. Next door I could hear the elementary-school-aged kids already up and

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Sunday Gratitude: The High School Campus

If you don’t have kids at the Weston Public High School, you might not know what a treasure the place is. No, I’m not talking about what happens inside the buidings–the physics and health classes, the lunchroom chaos, the daily life of being a student. I mean outside. I spend a lot of time on the campus–my habit is to

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Sunday Gratitude – Generation Next

Yesterday, a prospective Eagle Scout recruited other Boy Scouts and parents to help out clearing a trail and old foundation walls at the old Cherry Brook Farm– aka the Merriam Barn near the Brush Dump on Merriam Street. During four hours, the invasives –bittersweet vines choking young trees, buckthorn, and a thicket of who-knows-what–were dealt death blows by loppers, chainsaws,

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Sunday Gratitude – Walking

As any of you who know the Owl personally know, my favorite time of the day is trail time. Every morning that I am in Weston, I am on a trail. In some sense, it’s my job – my volunteer role for Weston Forest & Trail Association is all about stewardship of the trails–checking easements, trees down, trail issues. It’s

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