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Owl Pellet: Weston Tree By-Law Presented to Select Board Last Week

So, here we are, Weston. Time to talk about the Tree By-Law/Sustainable Tree Initiative/Article 30. Please note first that the Owl is not unbiased and is not the mainstream press. This is a blog. Read on and make your own decisions. The Weston Facebook page has been an exciting mingling of fact, innuendo, accusation and opinion, as social media is,

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Tree By-Law (Sustainable Tree Initiative) Public Hearing Wednesday

The Planning Board will be having a Public Hearing regarding the proposed Zoning amendment for a Tree By-law (also known as the Sustainable Tree Initiative) on Wednesday, March 23 at 7 pm. You can find the agenda for the Planning Board meeting here. While this is the first “public hearing” of the Tree By-Law, the tree preservation initiative has been

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Sustainable Tree Initiative (aka Tree By-Law) Information Sessions Set

As advertised here and on the town communications channels, tonight is Town Caucus where volunteers step up to be nominated for re-election or election to many town roles. After tonight, Weston enters what is known as the Witching Period (with all apologies to the Wiccans) which lasts from Caucus until Town Meeting. It is the period in which the town

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