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A Parliament of Owls: Swap Shed 2.0 seeks Volunteers

Did you know a group of owls is called a “parliament”? In the case of the Weston Owl, a Parliament is a guest post on this page. Since the Owl has migrated to the west coast temporarily, the following post has been guest-written by Debbi Darling, Westonian extraordinaire. +++ Swap Shed Update / Volunteers Are Needed at the Weston Transfer Station

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Swap Shed Operations Working Group Seeking Volunteers

Ah the Swap Shed. Apart from the watering trough and the Paul Revere bell, there is no other place as beloved as the Swap Shed, nor one that brings as many emotions out among Weston’s residents. For someone not born into the Weston fold, the absolute love of it somewhat defies belief. Weston is not alone in its love affair,

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